Sunday 12 May 2013

ASCP Florence and Mint French Dresser

I was originally going to go for a charcoal and white combination for this french dresser, but I am really feeling colour at the moment and so I decided to go with this emerald/mint combination.  The body is Annie Sloan Florence and the drawer fronts are a custom mix. 

I did some light distressing to age the piece.  I also painted some white underneath the mint colour on the drawers to provide a romantic layered look to the finish.

I gave the original pulls a small blast of gold spray paint because I love the way emerald and gold go together.

This colour scheme gave me the perfect excuse to use this vintage wallpaper I found at an op-shop.  It was from Eaton's and the original sticker price was $2.99 for the roll.  Bargain.

 I usually wax the top of my pieces, but I decided to try a poly this time.   I sanded back and then put a coat of wax on top of the poly.  The result is a soft sheen, and is very durable!

Here is a before shot


  1. Very pretty colours! And I love the wallpaper... both the one on the drawers and the one on the wall!

  2. Thanks! You are my very first comment!

  3. Thanks Fiona! Say hi to Sydney for me, I used to live in Balmain. :)

  4. I am working on a dresser that is exactly like this one. I am also using a custom pale green. I am thinking of doing the top in a dark java color gel stain. Yours turned out very pretty. I'll send you a picture of mine when it's done.

  5. I am working on the exact same dresser!! I too am going with green. Love how yours turned out. I can send you a picture of my finished dresser if you like.