Saturday 26 April 2014

Minty Antique Vanity and Matching Bedset

This bedroom set may actually be the best thing Ive ever work on.  Super big call, yes I know- but not only is it absolutely stunning with the gorgeous turned legs, the casters, and the ornate detailing, it is also ridiculously easy-to-please.  If it were anymore agreeable it would be a breakfast television personality.

I can't believe how easily it sanded (evenly) and how well it took the chalkpaint.  Yes, there were some dings, yes there were some nicks, but when you are going for a distressed and rustic finish, hey, these things simply don't matter. In fact, all of those little bits weathering make the piece look authentic. I think she wears them like a badge of honor.  Maybe that is why I love it so much. Perfectly imperfect.

I tossed around a few different colour options for this set, but in the end I went for something 'soft' that could blend into any decor and went for mint-green.

I kept the original hardware but I painted it an off-white to keep a 'soft' look - it did some of that amazing crackling that is so hard to mimic on the faux. Ive tried several different methods, but still I haven't mastered the crazing/crackling effect. I guess the trick is just to paint old hardware and it does it all on its own. Bottle that Martha.

I used Mixwax dark wax straight over the mint chalkpaint.  Mixwax dark wax is so subtle that you can get away without clear wax first.  I also did a medium amount of distressing to keep with a rustic cottage feel.

I did seal the top with polyacrylic before waxing.  Just a personal choice, but I find that polyacrylic and its hard drying finish is a little more durable on well-used surfaces.  I did topcoat the poly with some dark wax though.

This typewriter belongs to my darling mom 'Shazza Dazza'.  I asked to borrow it, and of course she not only said yes, she also sat me down, put the kettle on, and spun the yarn about how her father bought it for her when she had to take 'typing class' in grade 9.  Her teacher would walk around and 'wrap' students on the knuckles when they made mistakes.  I had been laboring under the false assumption that it was something she had bought at a garage sale, so I was really happy to find out that it has a history in our family with stories to tell.  It weighs an absolute tonne and it is beyond awkward to try to type on, I can just imagine ol' Shazza cursing both it and her teacher while gazing lovingly across the  classroom at some local farm boy (yep, she was a farmer - LOTS of stories about that too!)

Ahhhh. Such a little beauty.  If I hadn't just got that gorgeous spindle legged vanity I would be tempted to keep it. 

The hardware, I didn't go for a total coverage - I wanted to keep the rustic vibe.  You can see some of the crazing up the top.

And of course I found a nook for that awesome Eaton's vintage wallpaper.  It looks perfectly at home lining those top drawers!

The Before!

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  1. Oh how beautiful! I love all those pretty curves and that gorgeous color! ... Hope you come by and join our Tuesday Be Inspired Link Party sometime!

  2. I love your pieces and how you transformed them. New to your blog and loving it! Have a good weekend.

  3. I love this color, and it pops so well with the wallpaper! What a fun room!

  4. Hi ladies, thanks for the kind words! I love the colour too, and how easily it all came together. Nothing beats a piece that sands easily and a paint that gets good coverage! Well, maybe a fully loaded burger and a bottle of vino. Or a knock at your door from Ed McMahon. :)

  5. I found your vanity piece on MMS's blog. Let me commend you on your staging. It is right on the money! Also, years ago I "rescued" a piece someone was selling out of his car as he was moving. Really. I paid him for it and he delivered it. It resembles your piece so well with one big difference - your piece is altogether. What I purchased was a chopped up vanity - the middle section had been cut out and the drawer sections were supporting a framed mirror. It was top heavy. I disassembled it carefully and am now using the two drawer sections as night stands. Seeing your original vanity I now know what mine would have looked like and have plans to restore it by recreating the missing middle section - with one adaptation to the design - I want to make the top a little wider to turn it into a working desk for a PC or laptop. I'm so glad I found the "original." You did a great job of giving it a new life.

  6. LOVE THIS PIECE! i would love to feature it if that would be ok let me know! ALL YOUR PIECES ARE GORGEOUS!

  7. love the vanity and would love to feature , let me know if that would be ok

  8. Hi Lauren, yes please do! Thanks!