Wednesday 11 June 2014

A Splinter Giving B#@*ch in Blue and Gold!

Im a little bit miffed at this piece, and as a result, she isn't getting the usual beauty queen treatment I bestow upon my regular girls. That's right, first class airfare?  I think not, its coach all the way for you young lady!

You might ask, 'why? She looks beautiful' (why thank you), and you would be right, she does look pretty sporty if I do say so myself (in the after photo, not the one up there)...BUT, there is a dark sinister side to this girl, and because of that, she is not going to get oodles and oodles of attention and pictures of herself posted on here.  Not up on this blog!
You see, it is because of this little six drawer beast that I nearly lost my hand.  Ok, not quite my whole hand, but a large percentage of it (see pic below for confirmation)
Do you see that whale-sized splinter embedded deep below the north part of my hand?   This thing cut me a new lifeline!  Make sense of that clairvoyant lady!  Bah!
No seriously though, this splinter was huge and hurt like a really huge splinter does.  It happened when I was sanding the edge of the piece, and the sanding wedge got away from me.  Y'ouch!!!!  I bellowed and sprinted inside to the liquor cabinet.  

Yes, you read correctly, the liquor cabinet was my first port of call as a bit of 'Dutch Courage' was in order for the procedure I was about to perform on myself. I was channeling Mrs Ingles from Little House on the Prairie. You remember the episode when she was readying herself to amputate her own leg?
I actually filmed the operation, but after showing Mr. Chuckles, and watching him turn green, he advised me that it wasn't a video fit for the nice ladies who read my blog, so I will post only the picture, and not the video.
As for the dresser, well, in my anger, I decided to only snap a couple of quick pictures of the 'after'.  I gave her a very similar treatment to a previous piece I did (here)which you can read for more details.  I do love the big hardware, it really makes the piece unique, and I added the legs to make her taller (37").

Im sure there will come a time when I am angry at myself for not taking more 'nice' pictures of her, but not yet while Im still able to see the damage she did to my poor hand. I am sure I will regain the feeling any day now.

Yours in Drama,

Sunday 8 June 2014

Original Vintage MCM cabinet

Ok, so I probably shouldn't put this piece on my blog because it really isn't a 'transformation'.  In fact all I did to this cutie was bring her home, wipe her down, tighten a couple of screws and touch up a few marks with gel stain.

But I don't care, she is so cute and unique that she deserves to be shared!

Just look at those long delicate legs.  So strange to see such a boxy top perching on those long pins. Yet somehow it works!

It was in such good condition that I decided not to strip it and refinish it, the top in particular was in very good condition.
It opens up to a little space to store all of your knick-knacks or drinks.  So cute!