Thursday 8 May 2014

Regal Navy Blue with Custom Legs

I love this piece!  I think her colour is so regal, rich and inviting - you just want to pull up a throne, finger snap to the butler and feast on your roast pork and cognac. Add  the stunning gold hardware (all hail thee rub-n-buff) and Queen Elizabeth may as well pop round for some tea and scones.  Im hearing trumpets in the distance and I think I just saw a unicorn trot by saddled by an armoured knight.

This piece started out life in pretty good condition but was bland and boring. No one would pick her out of a lineup, that's for sure.  She needed love.  L-O-V-E I say!
I have had this tint 'blueberry twist' sitting on the shelf for a while now, and I finally blew the dust off the lid and decided to give it a go.  I mixed the tint into my dulux diamond and turned into a chalk paint. 
It got pretty decent coverage which sometimes dark or bright colours can be temperamental about.  Ive had some bad luck with reds that take about 7 coats to convince you that they are in fact paint and not stain.  Three would have been enough, but I decided to go for four as I wanted it to be perfect, plus I accidently mixed up too much chalkpaint and figure I might as well use it up as I find the DIY stuff doesn't have the longest shelf life.

Mr. Chuckle's was called in to lend some expertise and help me add the custom legs which I painted out gold prior to attaching.  The difference is amazing.  Those legs are little tools in a magician's kit.  I always marvel at how remarkable a transformation is when you add legs to a stumpy piece.  It stops looking like a 'dresser' and starts looking like a piece of furniture; fit for any living area in the house.  
These new stilettos take the piece to 37" tall now.    Whistle whistle.

I didn't use wax, instead I finished with satin polyurethane which makes for a wonderful finish.  It has a great sheen without being cheap looking or showing every little blemish.

I used some chevron paper in navy and turquoise and modpodged it to the inside drawers for a bit of whimsy.

Rub n buff was conscripted into action and used on all of the original hadware.  I love gold at the moment, I know it isn't for everyone (or every piece) but I think it is catching and making a comeback.

Moving this piece was backbreaking even with my backbrace on (yep, I wear a backbrace - safety first boys and girls).  I do my refinishing in the workshop (garage) and we bring pieces in to the house to photograph, but Im in the process of creating a staging wall in the garage because the constant shifing of furniture is starting to take its toll.  The garage won't be quite as flashy as the walls are not in perfect condition, but Im hoping that I can swing it somehow.
And to end on a bright note, I saw a flower today while out on my run.  A real live one!  I had to do a double take because for a second I thought someone stuck a fake one into the ground.  Spring has finally sprung!
And the Before!


  1. Love this color!! Goes perfectly with the gold. Just curious as to why you did the chalk paint? why not just paint with the "paint"?? Its looks great, I'm not hating at all! Just wondering why go thru the steps of making it if there is no distressing involved. And I would think having to sand around all those deep grooves and tight spaces would make it more difficult. No??

  2. Love the blue and the gold...and the finish looks flawless! Your commentary is hysterical! Great read and lovely photography! Stopping by from FFF.

  3. Hi Beth, thanks for the comments! Beth - your comment made me stop and think for a second - why did I use chalkpaint?? lol. But I remembered when I started the transformation I wasn't sure if I was going to distress or not, and also, I discovered on one of my other pieces (the antique gentlemen's dresser in blue) that oil based poly over chalkpaint gives such a beautiful finish. It soaks in a bit and the best way I can describe it is to say that it looks like you soaked the piece in gasoline - weird, I know. It still looks good over the paint (not chalky style), but there is just a glimmer of difference. PS, I love all that cerused magic you are working at the moment. Such cool transformations!

  4. Thanks RPK! Its funny that I am seeing a comment from you because I was literally just over at your blog checking out those cool blue nightstands you did. What a great pop that is going to make in someone's room! I spent some time wandering through your blog and love your work!! I will be a regular from now on - I like gin and tonic and sauvignon blanc. Stock the fridge please! :)

  5. The blue and gold combination - gorgeous! And the new feet - inspired! This one is a beauty for sure!

  6. This is a masterpiece - truly stunning!!!
    I would NEVER have thought of putting that type of leg on a bulky piece of furniture - but you're right - it's magic!
    Just beautiful!
    Suzan ( Queen of the Exclamation point ! ) lol