Saturday 26 April 2014

Minty Antique Vanity and Matching Bedset

This bedroom set may actually be the best thing Ive ever work on.  Super big call, yes I know- but not only is it absolutely stunning with the gorgeous turned legs, the casters, and the ornate detailing, it is also ridiculously easy-to-please.  If it were anymore agreeable it would be a breakfast television personality.

I can't believe how easily it sanded (evenly) and how well it took the chalkpaint.  Yes, there were some dings, yes there were some nicks, but when you are going for a distressed and rustic finish, hey, these things simply don't matter. In fact, all of those little bits weathering make the piece look authentic. I think she wears them like a badge of honor.  Maybe that is why I love it so much. Perfectly imperfect.

I tossed around a few different colour options for this set, but in the end I went for something 'soft' that could blend into any decor and went for mint-green.

I kept the original hardware but I painted it an off-white to keep a 'soft' look - it did some of that amazing crackling that is so hard to mimic on the faux. Ive tried several different methods, but still I haven't mastered the crazing/crackling effect. I guess the trick is just to paint old hardware and it does it all on its own. Bottle that Martha.

I used Mixwax dark wax straight over the mint chalkpaint.  Mixwax dark wax is so subtle that you can get away without clear wax first.  I also did a medium amount of distressing to keep with a rustic cottage feel.

I did seal the top with polyacrylic before waxing.  Just a personal choice, but I find that polyacrylic and its hard drying finish is a little more durable on well-used surfaces.  I did topcoat the poly with some dark wax though.

This typewriter belongs to my darling mom 'Shazza Dazza'.  I asked to borrow it, and of course she not only said yes, she also sat me down, put the kettle on, and spun the yarn about how her father bought it for her when she had to take 'typing class' in grade 9.  Her teacher would walk around and 'wrap' students on the knuckles when they made mistakes.  I had been laboring under the false assumption that it was something she had bought at a garage sale, so I was really happy to find out that it has a history in our family with stories to tell.  It weighs an absolute tonne and it is beyond awkward to try to type on, I can just imagine ol' Shazza cursing both it and her teacher while gazing lovingly across the  classroom at some local farm boy (yep, she was a farmer - LOTS of stories about that too!)

Ahhhh. Such a little beauty.  If I hadn't just got that gorgeous spindle legged vanity I would be tempted to keep it. 

The hardware, I didn't go for a total coverage - I wanted to keep the rustic vibe.  You can see some of the crazing up the top.

And of course I found a nook for that awesome Eaton's vintage wallpaper.  It looks perfectly at home lining those top drawers!

The Before!

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Friday 25 April 2014

Two tone MCM with a Minny-me

The latest MCM.  I love this piece. Especially with the sliding cross-hatched panel!  I have taken pictures both with and without it, and I prefer the extra interest the piece has with it.  Probably because I have done this look so many times with the dark drawers and white body, so having this little panel is something different, and I like it!

I'm also a big fan of the legs.  They still embody the MCM style, but they have a geometric uniqueness that can be hard to come by.

As far as the transformation goes, I painted the legs and body in off-white.  the drawers were cleaned and spruced up, but they have the original finish because they were in very good condition.  The finish is a dark walnut, it looks a little 'warm' in the pictures.

And here is the minny-me!  If was unfortunate that the set only came as a pair.  I would have loved to have had a matching nightstand.  Minny-me is lonely.  I love the little panel cross-hatched bit on the little nightstand.  It isn't removable or slide-able like it is on the big piece, but it is really classy. 

Below are a few more pictures with the sliding panel on the piece.  There are actually 2 sliding panels, but I think I prefer it with just one of them on.  

Its great when you find a piece that is versatile!  I think this piece could be great in the living room, but still also be awesome in the bedroom with the nightstand working in tandem.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Antique Gentlemen's Dresser in Blue

This is the first of the pieces I mentioned in my previous post!  I absolutely adore the set and it has been a real treat to refinish!

For this piece, I gave everything a good light sand with the orbital, the old finish came off very easily and it was much more effortless than I anticipated!

I didn't worry about some of the dings in the finish as I feel it adds some character and it reflects the history that the set had.

I opted for a soft blue for this, I am loving everything blue at the moment.

I used some of the vintage Eaton's wallpaper I have in the top drawer.  This was the best $1.50 I think I have ever spent.  Such a cool, vintage find.

I kept the original pulls on the top drawer, but painted them out to match the new larger knobs I put on the dresser.

I used a custom chalkpaint on this beauty, sanding between coats. I opted to seal with a satin sheen polyacrylic instead of wax, and I love the result!

How cute are the original casters wheels.

And, the before!

Friday 18 April 2014

On the Chopping Block!

I am so excited!  I came across this entire antique set just waiting for some love!  

It needs some work, there is some divots and lots of dings, and I will need to give the drawers a tune up - but on the bright side, I will not feel at all guilty about painting over the wood given that it is in rough shape anyway!  Stay Tuned!

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Spindle Legged Vanity in Teal

It was love at first sight with this little lady.  Those spindle legs make me swoon like a Southern Belle.  Believe it or not, but this gem was in the burn pile.  A call from Mr. Chuckles' uncle went something like this "if you guys want this vanity you better come quick, because Im throwing her in the fire in the next couple of days."  IN THE FIRE!!!??? How could you burn something so adorable?

So I lit my own fire - underneath Mr. Chuckles' buttocks - and rushed him out the door to go pick her up while I custom mixed up some paint in a muted teal. 

The piece had some painted detailing on the drawer fronts, Mr. Chuckles didn't want me to paint over them, but of course I did.  But in the pic above you can still make them out in an embossed kind of way.  Pretty neat, and as a bonus Mr. Chuckles sort of got his way.

It is so delicate and feminine.  In all honesty, when we agreed to pick up the vanity we had no idea what it looked like.  I figured it was some waterfall style chunky one (which Im not a huge fan of). So when I came home and saw this perched in the garage, I was over the moon.

So was Miss Do-As-I-Please. She couldn't wait to get her paws all over her.  She particularly likes the contact paper I put inside the drawers.

She is settling nicely into her new home (our spare bedroom).  She looks great mixed amongst the greys and whites in the room.

I traded out the old metal knobs for some nice cream coloured ones for a better contrast.

Here is the before!

9 Drawer two-tone MCM

Ahhh, more two-tone mcm goodness.  This one attracted a lot of attention.  I had a lot of people responding that they loved the slanted drawers.  At first, I didn't really like them, but I have to admit they grew on me.

I followed my usual routine here, sanding back everything and then priming and painting the casing, and gel staining the drawers.

The tall legs are great on this piece.  So airy.

Im feeling a little lazy to post a lot of the details, especially when I feel I do this look so often that the few readers I do have, are probably bored of it by now!  So I shall let the pictures speak for themselves! But if you do have any questions about how I achieved the look, feel free to leave a comment!