Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spindle Legged Vanity in Teal

It was love at first sight with this little lady.  Those spindle legs make me swoon like a Southern Belle.  Believe it or not, but this gem was in the burn pile.  A call from Mr. Chuckles' uncle went something like this "if you guys want this vanity you better come quick, because Im throwing her in the fire in the next couple of days."  IN THE FIRE!!!??? How could you burn something so adorable?

So I lit my own fire - underneath Mr. Chuckles' buttocks - and rushed him out the door to go pick her up while I custom mixed up some paint in a muted teal. 

The piece had some painted detailing on the drawer fronts, Mr. Chuckles didn't want me to paint over them, but of course I did.  But in the pic above you can still make them out in an embossed kind of way.  Pretty neat, and as a bonus Mr. Chuckles sort of got his way.

It is so delicate and feminine.  In all honesty, when we agreed to pick up the vanity we had no idea what it looked like.  I figured it was some waterfall style chunky one (which Im not a huge fan of). So when I came home and saw this perched in the garage, I was over the moon.

So was Miss Do-As-I-Please. She couldn't wait to get her paws all over her.  She particularly likes the contact paper I put inside the drawers.

She is settling nicely into her new home (our spare bedroom).  She looks great mixed amongst the greys and whites in the room.

I traded out the old metal knobs for some nice cream coloured ones for a better contrast.

Here is the before!


  1. Gorgeous piece, and what a lovely color you mixed! Great transformation :)

  2. Oh my...the burn pile!?! So glad you rescued her. She turned out lovely. The color is perfect. Great job!

  3. What a fantastic freebie! Love it!