Thursday, 24 April 2014

Antique Gentlemen's Dresser in Blue

This is the first of the pieces I mentioned in my previous post!  I absolutely adore the set and it has been a real treat to refinish!

For this piece, I gave everything a good light sand with the orbital, the old finish came off very easily and it was much more effortless than I anticipated!

I didn't worry about some of the dings in the finish as I feel it adds some character and it reflects the history that the set had.

I opted for a soft blue for this, I am loving everything blue at the moment.

I used some of the vintage Eaton's wallpaper I have in the top drawer.  This was the best $1.50 I think I have ever spent.  Such a cool, vintage find.

I kept the original pulls on the top drawer, but painted them out to match the new larger knobs I put on the dresser.

I used a custom chalkpaint on this beauty, sanding between coats. I opted to seal with a satin sheen polyacrylic instead of wax, and I love the result!

How cute are the original casters wheels.

And, the before!


  1. Stopping by from MissMustardseed FFF....Your work and staging are so beautiful!

  2. This is really beautiful! You found a fantastic set to makeover. I love the blue color too. Can you tell me more about the topcoat you used? I have had such terrible luck with poly, wondering how you got yours so nice and smooth?

  3. So pretty Rae! And that wallpaper in the top drawer, love that! I've got to order some of that wallpaper instead of the fabric I use.

  4. Hi ladies! Beth - I know that wallpaper is so cool. I found it at an op-shop for $1.50 and it was still in the original (and very old packaging) with the original price tag of something like $3.99. Still have lots left and look forward to using it again! Hi Melanie, I used polyurethane in a satin finish. Make sure you stir the can a lot as all the dampening agents fall to the bottom, so if you don't shake than it wont be a true satin. I roll it on and then quickly go over it with a brush. Oil based poly dries super slowly so you have a lot of open time to correct mistakes. With that said, it attracts every little bit of fluff and fuzz floating around. ITs a magnet! I find it works better on lighter colours than darker colours.