Tuesday, 15 April 2014

9 Drawer two-tone MCM

Ahhh, more two-tone mcm goodness.  This one attracted a lot of attention.  I had a lot of people responding that they loved the slanted drawers.  At first, I didn't really like them, but I have to admit they grew on me.

I followed my usual routine here, sanding back everything and then priming and painting the casing, and gel staining the drawers.

The tall legs are great on this piece.  So airy.

Im feeling a little lazy to post a lot of the details, especially when I feel I do this look so often that the few readers I do have, are probably bored of it by now!  So I shall let the pictures speak for themselves! But if you do have any questions about how I achieved the look, feel free to leave a comment!


  1. It turned out gorgeous! I've been trying to find a piece this size forever, still no luck. I found you over @ Miss Mustard Seed. New follower here for sure!