Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Duck-egg Blue Dresser / Buffet

It must be the gorgeous weather we've been having!  Yep, all 30 hours of that great spring weather put a spring in my step and inspired my colour choices (sadly, the subzero temps and snow have reemerged from their gloomy labyrinth).  I custom mixed this gorgeous colour up, and I think it is perfect for the Easter season.  Light and bright, but still with some gray tones, it reminds me of duck egg.

I used chalkpaint, sanding in between coats for a smooth finish.  The piece was in fantastic condition, and a light sanding was all she needed for preparation.  No holes, no dings, no chips - yay~!

I decided to keep it simple.  Often I do a lot of 'highlighting' on pieces with carved detailing with lighter/darker complimentary colours.  But on this girl, I wanted the result to be understated, so all I did after finishing the painting was seal with a polyacrylic in a satin sheen.  I was going to wax, but I have to admit, I still find that waxing large surfaces (ie, the top of this 74" piece), gives a splotchy and uneven result.  I still use wax, especially on small pieces, but the poly gave a great and even finish, and Im very happy with it.

I bought new ceramic knobs.  They are white with a blue crazing effect.  Very cute and a great contrast with the blue.

I love the great height that this piece has.  It stands at 34" tall which is unusual for a vintage piece in this style (without having legs).  I find 31 or 32" is the norm.  I love tall furniture, I think it looks more stately and commanding.

The drawers have wooden inserts, after I stripped them of their old and dingy fabric, I applied some contemporary gray and white contact paper I have.  A cute little surprise.

There is lots of great storage space in the cupboards, I painted the bases and the backer board, but I left the side walls to add a hint of their original personality.

I was halfway through painting when I remembered to take the 'before' picture - Give me a 'woop-woop' if you have done this yourself!

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