Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Two-tone tallboy with chevron pulls

This was such a great vintage find, and although it needed a lot of work, it was worth it in the end.

When I went to see it, it was in worse condition than the picture suggested (all of you on E-Harmony know what I mean here).  But I could see the potential, so I carted her old bones home anyway.

I love me some two-tone, so that is what I decided to go for.  I stripped all of the bits that I left original wood.  Fortunately there was no thick topcoat, so it all came off pretty easily with the orbital.  I restained and sealed with satin sheen oil-based poly.

I painted the chevron wooden pulls, and the sides a contrasting soft white.  I have done this look lots of times, and I still adore it.  But funnily enough, my neighbor came round for a chat and once again put his foot in it by asking me what colour I intended to paint it! (yep, this is after I had just finished it) (and yep, this is the second time he has done this to me!  Previously he looked at one of my turquoise pieces and asked what colour I intended to paint it......??????  Huh????).  I told him he was two-for-two, and if he did it a third time I was going to hire some local kids to go egg his house.  ;)

A nice shot of my hand. I could be a part-time hand model, I know.

You can see some of the gorgeous wood grain on that top drawer.  So nice!

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