Friday 20 November 2015

Back from the dead

It felt pretty strange hitting that 'new post' button.  Wow, it has been months since I have done a posting.  I have no excuse, life has just been rolling along as per usual, I have been painting furniture, I guess I just haven't felt like blogging about it.  But I'm sitting here and have finally found the motivation to do a post...although apart from my mom - Hi Shazza - there probably aren't too many other followers left! 

First up, France was great.  The picture above is me navigating a map on the way to Mount Saint Michel.  Mr. Chuckle's and I biked our hearts out and I thoroughly enjoyed the countryside and sleeping in our little tent every night.  So simple, so serene, so peaceful.  We didn't get through as many KMs per day as we thought we would, but usually averaged about 60 which wasn't too bad given we were riding our regular mountain bikes, nothing too fancy.   It is really such a beautiful country, and Paris is a gorgeous city, its so sad to hear what is going on there at the moment.  Such a mad mad world.

I have been painting furniture since we have been back and rather then do a lot of separate postings, I am just going to post a few of my most recent pieces together to save some time.  The piece below was such a stunning and high quality piece.  It stood at 36" and was so grand (and heavy). 

This was also a gorgeous piece and super well built.  I painted it in a soft cream with a taupe overlay.  It looked so much better in real life, I just couldn't get the camera to capture the beauty.

Mr. Chuckles was given this piece by his uncle.  It has great medieval strapping on the corners.  We opted for a rustic teal look.

I love this dresser.  I bought it from a couple from Cuba who were living in Toronto but were moving out east to New Brunswick the morning after I bought it.  It was so ugly in its original wood state, but that gorgeous raised detailing came out a dream in this rustic teal look.  Great oversized hardware!

When Mr. Chuckle's brought this piece home I was like 'meh'.  But I think we managed to make it look more unique by adding the bun feet and new middle section hardware.

You know I love a good two-tone MCM, this highboy was in great condition.  The drawer facings are original, I just needed to two-tone the wrap.

Ive done this combo of cobalt and gold so many times that I don't even want to post about it anymore! lol.  But I really like the legs and hardware on this one, so I thought, why not.

A couple of vintage mirrors, I painted matte black, distressed and a touch of wax for an instant update.

Another two tone, but I opted to paint the bottom drawer as well for a slightly different look.  I don't usually love hardware on two-tones, but this original hardware is pretty cute.