Friday, 25 April 2014

Two tone MCM with a Minny-me

The latest MCM.  I love this piece. Especially with the sliding cross-hatched panel!  I have taken pictures both with and without it, and I prefer the extra interest the piece has with it.  Probably because I have done this look so many times with the dark drawers and white body, so having this little panel is something different, and I like it!

I'm also a big fan of the legs.  They still embody the MCM style, but they have a geometric uniqueness that can be hard to come by.

As far as the transformation goes, I painted the legs and body in off-white.  the drawers were cleaned and spruced up, but they have the original finish because they were in very good condition.  The finish is a dark walnut, it looks a little 'warm' in the pictures.

And here is the minny-me!  If was unfortunate that the set only came as a pair.  I would have loved to have had a matching nightstand.  Minny-me is lonely.  I love the little panel cross-hatched bit on the little nightstand.  It isn't removable or slide-able like it is on the big piece, but it is really classy. 

Below are a few more pictures with the sliding panel on the piece.  There are actually 2 sliding panels, but I think I prefer it with just one of them on.  

Its great when you find a piece that is versatile!  I think this piece could be great in the living room, but still also be awesome in the bedroom with the nightstand working in tandem.


  1. I absolutely love these! I think the mini me is my favorite. So cute!

  2. Do you have a website where you sell the furniture you re-do?