Saturday, 24 May 2014

Minty Antique Dresser

This little beauty rounds out the set of furniture I picked up recently.  I found someone who loved the little set and wanted the dresser painted out to match the vanity and the headboard.

The treatment was much the same as before.  A little bit o' sanding, a little bit of chalkpainting and a topcoat of dark wax (poly first on the top for extra protection).
I did a fair bit of distressing on the piece as I wanted that rustic aged look. 
Its funny because when I picked up this set I was so excited.  I always love the way the transformations of these pieces look.  I admire the work Reeves does over at THE WEATHERED DOOR and was really excited to do an antique chest redo. 

But its strange, although they were super easy to do, and I didn't need an extra pair of muscles to manoeuver them around, I still prefer the big 9-drawer 70s style dressers I do - even though I risk a slipped-disk every time I shift them.  I guess we all have our own little style!
The piece came with a removable backer piece.  What do you think, with or without?

It is a super duper sunny day here today, so I am keeping this post short and sweet!  Enjoy the sunshine everyone.


  1. Gorgeous! did I understand that you waxed over poly? You can do that? thanks for sharing all your hard work, truly inspiring.

  2. Hi, yes you can do that! because I used a dark wax on the rest of the piece to 'age' it up, it was important to do the same to the top. I just applied the dark wax over the dried poly and it aged it up just like the rest of the piece. After I buffed it out, and it looked great. I like to use poly on the tops of chalkpainted pieces because I find that greasy marks go straight through the wax and stain the paint and leave permanent marks. So now I poly the tops for added durability. Give it a try!