Sunday, 3 November 2013

Saga of the Old Dresser Mirrors Continues

A while back I made a few posts where I painted up some of the old dresser mirrors.  Fast forward a few months later and my mirror stash has grown again!  So I have been working through them turning them into either fun coloured mirrors, or into chalkboards.

For this one, I painted out the frame, distressed, glazed with some white accenting, I then painted out the backer-board of the mirror with black chalk paint.  Presto!  Contemporary chalkboard.

Below are a few I donated to Mr Chuckle's sister's stag and doe party.

I love the way the patina turned out on this one.  I painted in the same teal as the stag and doe dresser, I then sanded heavily and 'glazed' using stain and applied dark wax.

For this french one, I actually liked the green shade of my custom-tinted primer, that I just used primer.  Three coats gave good coverage.  I then glazed with stain again and finished with wax.  It also got a heavy distressing.  The patina turned out really nicely on it.

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