Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Very Own Personalized Blog Illustration!

I am so excited to reveal the new graphic for my blog title!!!  Yes, she is big, I know, and I am going to allow her to stay that way because I am so happy to have her as a new addition to this blog!

I am not IT-minded, in fact my brain cells seem to go into hibernation mode any time I try and challenge them to do something technical - I am like the opposite of R2-D2 - and because of that, my blog isn't nearly as beautiful as some other girls out there.

Until now!

Do I ever feel special that I have my own illustration show casing what I do, none of which would be possible without the talents of MONIKA MELNYCHUK.   Monika is a cousin of Mr. Chuckles, and I made a post about her (HERE) several months ago when I happily discovered that she was an extremely talented illustrator. 

She lives up in the sticks of Northern Canada, so I had only ever met her on a couple of occasions when she was in Ontario visiting. It was on one of those occasions when I Eureka'd upon what she does for a living.

What a talented lady!

I emailed her shortly after and begged her to whip up a little something for my blog.  She certainly didn't disappoint and was very receptive to the input I gave her.  She also PERFECTLY captured Miss Do-As-I-Please who is my fickle little calico cat.  Apart from the goggly-eyes, she looks just like her!   :)

A HUGE thank you to Monika.  I am so grateful.

You can visit her website  MONIKA MELNYCHUK and her ETSY shop for more example of her work. Or, just google her name!

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