Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Touch of Whimsy

Well Mr. Chuckles may not like this piece. Ahem.  But I think she looks excellent!  Once in a while it is fun to just step outside the box and experiment a little bit.  Mr. Chuckles clearly doesn't understand this kind of thinking, as he took one look at this girl and said "why didn't you leave it plain blue?"  Isn't it nice to have such a supportive man in my life? You betcha!

I added the adorable gold legs which I tend to do a lot to these big pieces.  They were off a vintage MCM sofa that we bought for ourselves but had traded out those legs for more straight ones.  Unfortunately I took one look at the sofa in our living room and went "What was I thinking?!" Even more rash was my decision to sell our other one before seeing this one in the space. We are now using a recliner until we buy a new one. Its a shame, it had great vintage lines, but that green fabric overpowered the room.

This piece is a darker blue in real life, but blogger likes to 'brighten' things up without being asked.

I added lots of bits of turquoise, black, yellow, mint, blue...etc.. to create this look.  I also used a variety of tools to add a textured look.

The hardware got a dose of rub n buff.


The before.


  1. Love it, beautiful. What did you do with the mid century sofa?

  2. thank you! The couch was sold the next day (fresh with a new pair of legs).