Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mary Poppins' Chest

This dresser was in great shape and solid wood when I picked her up.  Even her colour wasn't that bad, a rich mahogany, but she was still in need of updating.  

I decided to go for a deep charcoal and complimented that with some black, grey & white decorative paper I had on hand.

I decided to put the paper on the bottom drawers only, as I wanted to add a 'touch of whimsy' as opposed to having a statement dresser.

The paper was so thin that it went quite crinkly when I put it on.  I actually kind of liked that as it made it look rustic.  I played with it a bit more by doing a light distressing on both the body of the dresser, and on the paper.

I sprayed the hardware with oil rubbed bronze to darken them a bit and to have them better contrast with the grey.

I call her 'Mary Poppins' Chest' because I can imagine this in Mary Poppins' bedroom filled with neatly folded linens.


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