Tuesday, 18 June 2013

French Bedroom Set in White

I have been busy this week!  I picked up an absolutely beautiful French Bowfront Bedroom Set.  It is vintage Dixie furniture and truly gorgeous with its curvy lines and detailed trim.

Initially I wanted to paint each piece individually and not keep it as a set.  But in the end, I opted to keep it simple and 'matchy matchy' and went for pure white.

I did inject a bit of personality into the insides of the cupboards though, where I added some lovely silver/blue peacock inspired paper.  It gives it that little bit of 'wow' factor that it needs.

The pictures are less than average, I know.  Given the size and quantity of pieces, I had no choice but to snap them outside and in the garage. 

 The Armoir is probably my favorite piece.  The lines are so elegant and romantic, and I love how great the paper looks on the inside.  Such a great surprise when you open it up.

There is me peeking out in the mirror.  It looks like Im proudly holding the broom.

Don't you feel so lucky when you come across gorgeous furniture.  It hardly takes any effort at all!  (Well maybe just a bit: sanding, 2 coats of primer, 4 coats of paint, and a topcoat)...Its worth it in the end though and when you see the finished results.

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