Sunday, 7 July 2013

Refinished MCM Danish Credenza

I picked this gorgeous girl up from my favorite re-store.  It was in great condition, apart from the top which was very scratched up.

It was way too lovely to paint.  Initially I thought I might only re-stain the top, but after I did that, the sides and front sliding panels didn't look so great.  So I sanded them back and re-stained them as well.

I ended up leaving the drawers original though, they were in very good condition and I like the little bit of contrast they give to the rest of the unit which is dark walnut.

Lots of aerial shots, the dresser was too long for me to get the whole thing in the shot otherwise. It is about 79" long.

Here is original pic below, as you can see, it was in pretty great shape to begin with!  A lucky little find for me.


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