Friday, 17 January 2014

The Things You Don't Know About Monika

'Happy Accidents'

A fellow blogger left a comment on my blog once using the phrase 'happy accident', up until that point I hadn't heard of this neat little saying, but I can tell you I have given it a lot of mileage since.  

I had my own happy accident just the other day.  We were visiting with Mr. Chuckle's family, and his spunky cousin Monika was down visiting the old's from her adopted home of Whitehorse, Yukon.  We had exhausted the usual conversation of 'do your pipes burst a lot from the cold?' and 'do you feel suicidal coz you never see the sun?' when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of her eclectic business card.

'What's that?' I pointed. It was at this moment I was mowed down to discover 'by happy accident' that Monika is an artist, an illustrator to be exact. 

Falling completely and utterly in love with the funky little hand-drawn line graphics on the back of her card, I played detective when I got home and googled her name to uncover more of her work.  Well blow-me-down-Martha, this is one talented lady! Who knew her skills were hiding in Mr. Chuckle's family all this time and I had no idea!

I absolutely adore the Indie vibe she conjures with her awesome graphics of warpy animals and funky hipster twenty-somethings. She flawlessly blends vintage, indie, childish-exuberance and inner-city edginess all in one penstroke. 

Obviously her talents have been spied by lots of others judging by all of the labels, coasters, and bags she has been commissioned to do.  True to form, I'm always the last to know!

I noticed Mr. Chuckle's nephew trotting around with a cute little minnie-me sized pillow on the night, naturally he turned and walked away when I asked to see it, but my Sherlock Holmes endeavors uncovered that Monika has recently designed her own line of fabrics featuring her awesome graphics, and pillows with her quirky little animals.  

So there you go. 'Happy Accidents'indeed.  I found out Monika sells on ETSY as well. Clicking HERE will take you to her shop where you can see more of her pillows and fabrics line. Also, you can check out her awesome portfolio by clicking HERE

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