Friday, 14 March 2014

Going Retro with Black and Gold

Hi Peeps!  The latest and greatest - black and gold.  This cute pair of retro cuties virtually fell into my lap.  The furniture findings have hit a bit of a dry patch of late round these parts, so I was very happy when a kind soul donated these guys to me.

I virtually never paint in black, but I was inspired by a picture I came across whilst perusing painted furniture on google which was black with gold hardware.  Why not? I thought.  I could use a shake up.

I gave everything a nice sand and cleaned the pieces both down.  I had some Ben Moore Advance in a slate-black colour that I decided to turn into chalk paint.  It turned out great and the adhesion is awesome.

 I applied two coats, sanding after both, and then finished with clear wax which I had buffed.

The hardware got the ol' rub-n-buff treatment to spruce it up a bit.  I initially thought about changing the hardware, but it really does have a cute retro feel, and plus, I was feeling a little lazy to fill in all those holes.  ;)

Keeping with the retro theme, I highlighted the recessed lines in the middle panel with cream, and I also painted one thin cream stripe down each of the front legs.  

Its definitely an improvement on the before.

The matching tallboy got the exact same treatment.  A cute little pair they make!


  1. Hi, I am from Australia and absolutely love your work! I check your blog regularly and love reading how you paint and finish all your pieces. My husband and I both repurpose furniture and we hold you as our inspiration because your finishes are always impeccable. I think the quality of what you do is one of the best in the blog world, and believe me, I spend plenty of time browsing them. Thank also for sharing your tips on chalk paint and other types of paint. We also found a brand locally over here that has much better adhesion (although not called chalk paint), so it certainly paid to test the paint out and not believe the hype just because the label says so.
    Hope to see more of your wonderful pieces on your blog and wish you all the best!

  2. Hi QwertyI just want to say thank you so much for those really kind words. They came on a day when I really needed to hear something like that and I was really bolstered by them. Say hi to Australia for me. I lived in Sydney for 13 years and miss the place like crazy! Happy painting. ;)