Wednesday, 12 March 2014

More Gold Dippin'

I picked up this cute little set.  I was drawn to the legs.  Love em!  I think legs are one of the factors that can make or break furniture. And these ones are tall with great lines.

I decided to continue with the gold dipped theme and paint out all three pieces as a set. I wasn't looking forward to taping off the legs and lower frame and trying to get a clean line where the dresser meets the base, so on a hunch I upended the nightstand and saw a bunch of screws.  '..It couldn't be that easy..' I thought to myself, but inserted my drill into one of those holes anyhow.  A few minutes later I did a little tap dance as I realized that all of the bases detached from the main unit...this translates to 'Super Duper easy to Paint with spray paint!'.

I painted out all of the main units with a cream chalkpaint.  I sanded well, cleaned and primed too.  I then topped with two coats of chalkpaint.  The dressers were already white to begin with, so it didn't take too many coats for good coverage.

I hand waxed and buffed to a soft sheen.  I also did a very light distressing on the edges to allow some of the darker wood poke through.

After detaching the bases, I sanded them all well and spraypainted them gold.  I also sanded and spray painted the hardware gold as well.

This set didn't take nearly as long as the french buffet I did in my previous post.  That is one of the beauties of straight lined furniture and the fast drying powers of chalkpaint!

I forgot to take a before picture of this set, but it was a dingy cream and all of the drawers had a blurred line gold trim.  My cream and gold looks much better than the original cream and gold!


  1. Love the gold dipped. Because of you, I now hunt for Mid Century pieces. Thank you for all the inspiration!! xo ChicByTab

  2. Love this piece, white and gold a yummy combo on the good mid-century bones!