Monday, 5 January 2015

Two MCM side tables with a side of male peacocking

Inspired by the New Year, and chomping with anticipation for the only two weeks away Australian Open Tennis Competition, Mr. Chuckle's and I decided to go have a hit at an indoor tennis facility.  We play religiously on the local outdoor courts during summer, but pull our heads into our turtle shells during the winter months.  So off we jaunted to the bubble court, paid the fee and made our way to court 2.  I couldn't help but notice the two 18ish year-old girls slugging away on the court next to us.  They were really good. They were pretty cute too.  (Cute like these side tables).

Having not played for a few months myself,  and perhaps not being as good as I fancy myself - aherm, I seemed to be missing a lot of balls.  At first my mindset was going something like this 'geez, I really suck today, what am I doing wrong'.  After a few more minutes I had a perspective shift.  You see, I realized that Mr. Chuckles seemed to be slugging his heart out at every single ball as though his life was at stake...Apparently he had mistaken our friendly Sunday hit for the Wimbledon men's singles final.  Then the lightbulb moment happened when a throaty grunt came from the ponytail swinging on the court beside us.  Ah. Of course, Chuckle's was showing off for the young strumpets at the sorority next door.  Can someone please explain why men do this?  Do they think we don't notice?  'Two can play this game I thought to myself'.  I took charge with a couple of un-returnable serves. Chuckle's didn't stand a chance, I think I even saw a couple of sisterly nods from the young ladies. 'Ha. Take that Chuckles!'

Anyway, I, like a lot of other people, love the mid century renaissance currently going on.  Such a cool fusion of vintage and contemporary.  So when I saw these cute side tables I picked them up straight away.
When I got them home I immediately sanded the tops back down to the wood as there were quite a few scratches in the original finish.  I cleaned off all of the dust, wiped them with water, let them dry, and than stained them in 'special walnut' gel stain.  I allowed that to dry for a day and than I finished with four coats of satin finish polyurethane, letting each coat dry fully and also using steel wool between coats to get a smooth finish.
The legs and the rest of the piece were in good condition and in any places where I noticed any little dings I just touched them up with gel stain.  Its like a little magic eraser. 

Unfortunately I forgot to snap a before. Until next time. ;)

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