Sunday, 4 January 2015

A two-tone and a UFC review

I am a tired girl today.  I stayed up with a group of friends and Mr. Chuckles watching a UFC fight until 2 am.  Normal bedtime for me is between 10:30 and 11:30, so I have been drooling my way through the day. And naturally I couldn't sleep in; up making coffee and donuts for the cat at 6:30. She gave up the 'nip a year ago, but fell paws deep into the Maxwell house. Lesser of two evils? Who can be sure.

As for the UFC?  No thank you. I shan't be repeating that.  The final 5-minute round was pretty much a hug fest between the two fighters.  Nary a punch was hurled. I couldn't be sure if they were fighting or getting a mating ritual underway. It was really adrenaline pinching. But then again, maybe my lady-brain just doesn't get it. The fellas sure seemed to fancy it, they were calling out all sorts of things I didn't understand.
On to furniture?  I naturally forgot to snap a picture of the 'before' in my haste to get the brushes stroking on this beauty.   But her drawer facings are original ( a nice dark walnut), so it does give you an idea of what the before would have looked like.
The wrap was in pretty good condition, but it did need some puttying here and there where some dings marred the surface.  After, I sanded primed and painted with several coats of Benjamin Moore Aura in an off-white.

I love the way this piece turned out and I am currently teeter tottering on switching out the turquoise piece in the living room for this one to be used under our tv and to store our media gear.  Hmm. We'll see how it pans out.
I like how the drawer handles don't span the entire length of the facings like a lot of MCMs do.  I also really like how they are off-centre on the drawers.  Ive not had a piece like that before.  Something new, always fun.

Notice the cute little teapot perched on the top?  I was picking up another piece just before Christmas off an older gentleman who just lost his wife to cancer a couple of weeks prior.  He walked me through his apartment and pointed at his China cabinet and said 'take what you like'. It was really sad.  He had lots of cute things in there (that I hope his children will keep as mementos of their mother).  But I admit that my eyes fell on the curious looking teapot with an MCM feel to it.  I told him that it was really unique and he explained it was a wedding gift and then thrusted it in my hands, insisting I take it.  I was very grateful and will always remember him when I look at it.  I can imagine this Christmas was really hard for him having just lost his 40-year friend.  Hopefully it gets easier for him.  So thanks John, Im sure you will never read this blog, but I appreciate your little gift and shall always keep it.

Right, In the words of Miss Bridget Jones, I am off to Bedfordshire.

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