Sunday, 19 April 2015

A Motley of MCM Pieces

I was going through my files and realized I had lots of MCM pieces that I haven't posted about.  Sometimes I don't feel an urgency to post pictures of pieces that have a similar look to pieces I have done before.  I think I have quite a few cobalt blue and gold pieces I have done too. But if I were to post them all I'd might be mistaken for doing the same 'look' over and over again.  
But I thought why not do a little motley of some of the nice two-tone mcm pieces I have done recently.  For quite a few of these pieces I actually wanted to refinish the entire piece rather than do a two tone, but there was always a chunk of veneer missing somewhere that would have been beyond my ability level to fix.  I have tried staining 'stainable woodfiller' but never had much luck with it.

For most of these pieces I was able to just touch up the original drawer facings with just a bit of gel stain.  It covers the nics and scratches and works a bit like a magic eraser. The piece above had a wonky back leg, but Mr. Chuckles was able to work his magic and fixed it up great.

For all of the pieces I prepped by sanding and wiping down all of the dust before priming (in some cases I needed to break out the Zinsser BIN to stop bleed through) and painted in either Cabinet Coat, or Aura.

This coffee table was in great condition, but there was one huge coffee ring water stain on the top level which necessitated me refinishing both the top and main level tiers for a uniform look.  The old finish sanded off very easily, but that water stain ran so deep that I was afraid I was going to sand right through the veneer.  In the end I tried a trick I found on the internet to rub a hot iron over the stain (after I had removed the old finish).  At first I didn't think I was having much luck, but as I kept going, the stain gradually became less noticeable.  After I re-stained and sealed with polyurethane it isn't noticeable at all.

This piece was stunning and I wanted to just refinish the whole thing as the wood grain was so gorgeous, but it had three separate chunks of veneer missing from the body which would have been a nightmare to try to fix, so in the end I went with a two tone look.  I also refinished the drawer facings on this one as they were in pretty rough condition. The cute little pulls are original.

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