Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Wallpaper and Gray Dresser

A new piece to share!  This is part of a trio set which is solid wood.  Great vintage furniture. I love it.  I was very indecisive about what to do with this piece. I knew I wanted to do something a little more unique, but I wasn't feeling all that inspired.

During this time of quiet contemplation, Mr. Chuckles and I repainted a good portion of our house.  We went with a soft gray and also updated a geometric feature wall we have with some new colours.  It all turned out great (although it took the better part of a week).  One night, exhausted on the couch I was admiring my living room wall paper when I Eureka'd that it would look great on the dresser.

I still had a little bit left over from wallpapering the living room and decided to put it to use.  I first sanded and primed the drawer and then cut the wall paper so that the pattern was continuous over the three drawers.

I painted the opposite side of the drawers with a mid-tone gray that would pull the gray out of the paper.  I used chalkpaint as I wanted a soft romantic feel.

I painted the wrap of the piece in a soft gray, it pulls a little white in the pictures, but it is a very soft gray.

The original wood hardware was painted in the same soft gray as the wrap and protected with satin sheen polyacrylic.  I hand buffed the metal fastners to a soft gold.

The gray lines on the wallpaper has a lovely soft metallic reflective sheen which isn't remotely visible in this picture.


This is a before of the matching tallboy as I forgot to snap a before of the six-drawer.


  1. That's beautiful. What did you do with the highboy? Did you wallpaper it? I would love to see a picture of that piece as well.

  2. Love! So once you adhere the wallpaper to the drawers, then what? Exacto knife? Sand the edges? I've only done fabric w/modpodge.

  3. Thanks Claire. I haven't done the tallboy yet, not sure what I am going to do with her!

    Thanks Beth - I cut the paper to size and then paste it on. After it dries over night I check all of the edges, anywhere it isn't firmly attached I apply some glue. I did do a subtle distress around the edges. Ive never modpodged the fabric, but I would like to give it a go sometime!

  4. I love this and I think it's the same paper I bought to do the risers on our stairs. I did one, but I was the only one in my house that liked the look so the rest are painted. Next dresser I do, I will use some of the wallpaper up, thanks for the inspiration :)

  5. You always have such creative solutions for these pieces! Thanks for sharing your thought process...This is a "Pinworth" piece! :)

  6. I am absolutely in love with this piece! Great vision and style!