Monday 11 July 2016

Steampunk Ornate Dresser

 Isn't this dresser cool?  It was absolutely huge (like almost 8 feet) and I loved the raised detailing and the angled doors.  Super unique. I used a very dark charcoal chalk style paint on this one as I wanted it to have an imperfect mottled look to the finish.

It had really cool little feet, they looked very steampunky to me, which is why I'm calling this my steampunk dresser.

The light catches the angled doors so nicely.  This piece was so big it completely took up my staging area, I could barely get the whole thing in the picture.  Don't you love those little insect-looking legs peeking out the bottom.  I kind of expect it to lift its heft and start tip toeing away.

I did a light distress on the edges to complete the look and I clearcoated the top and waxed the remainder of the piece.  Hardware is original but updated with gold.

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