Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Am I seeing double, or is that a Mirror?

Ladies and gentleman, I present.......{drumroll please} the third installment of the ongoing saga of MIRROR TRANSFORMATIONS!

 For you those of you who don't follow my blog on a regular basis (aherm, that would be most of you I suspect), I have been making efforts to do something about the surplus of dresser mirrors that are currently hogging up my garage/workshop space.  I have completed two other transformations:  A beautiful coral one (here), and a trendy shade of blue (here).

For the third one, I decided to go with a darker colour.  Why you ask?  Because Im lazy, I tell you!  Those bright colours took lots of coats of paint, and that equates to lots of work for me!  So for this one I used my Dulux Diamond paint in deep charcoal.  Super adhering, super-duper coverage in only two coats.  Crowd cheers!  (oh, and if you are wondering what is reflecting in the mirror, that is our custom made floor to ceiling headboard, to read about click (here)

Because dark colours don't let the light in, I found the raised detailing up the top was getting lost.  So I decided to whip up a lighter shade of gray by adding some white paint to my charcoal, and I highlighted some of the detailing to pull the eye up to that region.

This is a flat paint, so in order to inject some sheen I wiped on a coat of home made wipe on poly (for instructions, click here). It did the trick perfectly!

As usual, I forgot to snap a before pic, but she is the second one from the front in this of this cluster-o-brown!

Also, if anyone else is currently trying to paint through a stash of dresser mirrors, Id love to hear about it!

Happy painting everyone!

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  1. Love all of your work! Tried clicking on the instructions for home made wipe on poly but it didn't work. Also, Are you in Canada? I can't seem to find the Diamond Dulux here in the U.S. (Florida)
    Thanks so much. Have a fantastic day!