Monday, 12 August 2013

Mirrors Mirrors, Everywhere I Look I See Mirrors!!

Mirrors.  I seem to accumulate an abundance of them - much to Mr. Chuckles disdain.   I can't blame myself here as it seems that every time I pick up a dresser, people are thrusting them at me. 'Oh, don't forget the mirrors!' they chortle while hoisting them onto the dresser already challenging the shocks of the Mazda 3. Sometimes two or three are flung my way in one transaction.  Who am I to turn down freebies?  It goes against my nature. Free things make me sing from rooftops in the rain, despite the fact that when I get them home and see them in the harsh light of day, I realize I have no where to store them and that they are quite, well, ugly.

And Ill be honest, I find refinishing mirrors to be a pain in the rumpus.  Being an anal retentive type, Im not happy to just paint them as is, no no, that would be too easy.  I need to unscrew, unpluck every nailgun nail, or screw from the back and take the whole thing apart.  My cat 'Miss Do As I Please' on the other hand enjoys this immensely and loves parading around on top of the glass to see how many pawprint-signatures she can leave.  She has a big fan club.

But alas, the other day, with my growing collection threatening the integrity of my garagedoor latch, Mr. Chuckles put his foot down and said 'Its the Mirrors or me!'.  So I conceded and agreed to post the uglier ones for free online, and paint up the nicer ones.

I was in the process of painting out a 9-drawer dresser coral (here), so I figured Id make it easy on myself and paint one of the mirrors (I have 10 in total) coral at the same time.

I have to say, I love how it turned out and am now feeling something akin to excitement about painting the other ones!  Go figure.

Now I just need to figure out how to take a good photo of them without snapping myself in the reflection.

 Am I the only one with nest of mirrors lurking in her garage? Are there more of 'us' out there or am I the only mirror-hoarder in blogland?

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