Thursday, 1 August 2013

Asking For Help

It's something we all need to do sometimes. Everybody needs a little hand from time to time, right? But am I the only one who sometimes regrets having asked for some? I don't want to bag on Mr. Chuckles. He is pretty handy and helpful, and he certainly puts up with a lot - our garage is constantly in a state of dissary with paint cans being upturned, sanding tools blowing their wad all about the place, dressers in various states of undress, but sometimes, well, I just don't know what Mr. Chuckles is thinking. {Shakes head in disbelief}

I am currently working on an old little three-drawer dresser that was missing a huge chunk of wood veneer on the side. I decided to consult Mr. Chuckles prior to trying to fix it myself (my forte is painting not repairing I've come to realize). First out comes the wood glue because we need to glue down some of the loose veneer {logical so far} , then he breaks out the clamps {yep, I'm still on board}, but they just couldn't quite fit snugly in position to be of much good. {head scratch from Mr Chuckles}

Wait, I suggest...maybe we could....I begin to venture forth what I think is a pretty logical suggestion..but no, Mr. Chuckles has tuned me out. {static sounds}.

He had a better vision it seems.

Im not going to try and describe it. After all, a picture is apparently worth a thousand words. Enjoy it ladies. And kids, don't try this at home.

In case it isn't obvious, the piece that actually required fixing was the bluish coloured thing somewhere in the middle (underneath the nightstand, the flying magic carpet and the camping cooler, but ontop of the styrofoam and planks of wood).

The funniest part, of course, is that this game of jenga actually fixed the problem. Of course it did says Mr Chuckles!


  1. OH WOW! Definitely hard to describe - Glad it worked!

  2. Yep! why take the easy road when its far more interesting to complicate things to the point of being dangerous! Good thing Miss Do-As-I-Please wasn't wandering around. This would have been a tempting little jumping castle for her.