Wednesday, 18 September 2013

9-Drawer in Gray and White

Keeping with my recent gray and white theme, I decided to refinish this lovely mid century dresser guessed it -  GRAY and WHITE!  

This solid wood dresser was in very good shape apart from a few things.  All of the plastic drawer runners needed replacing because the wobble of the drawer had them bonking all about.  I needed to do some planing on the middle door as it had swelled and was scraping when it was being closed, and the top needed to be sanded very deeply in order to remove some very deep scratches.  Other than that, it was in great shape.

I used a very similar shade of gray to the little antique dresser I just refinished (here).  It is light and fresh and is versatile in its ability to blend in to any decor.

How about this awesome gray decorative paper!  Sha-zam!  I think it makes a great addition and contrast having the dark gray beside the light gray.

As usual, I used modpodge to attach this contemporary paper. I love adding paper to drawers behind cupboard doors, it has such 'wow' factor when the door is opened. 'come on in and play with my drawers!' it screams.

Because I didn't distress this piece, I primed the entire thing with Zinsser BIN.

For the middle door, I highlighted the recessed detailing with white, I also painted the hardware white and added a white square trim detail around both sets of outer drawers to add a more chic feel to it.

Im not sure why these pics all came out so blurry, but hopefully you get the idea!


  1. Love!! I'm so into doing MCM pieces right now that I'm always on the hunt for them. I just finished one using
    a weathered gray stain and gray paint. I will have to try your paper trick on the drawers. I usually use fabric. where do you find your decorative paper?? Also, did you use a latex paint for the body? did you spray or brush on? Thanks. I'm always on the look-out for different ways to work. Very nice piece and very creative how you have it staged. I love all the prints and colors!!

  2. Hi thanks ladies! Beth, I use a latex-acrylic by Dulux called Diamond. I roll on and than finish with a brush. I don't like the orange peel look a roller leaves. I find decorative paper at lots of different places. I have had a lot of luck at Winners buying good quality wrapping paper. I checked out your weathered gray stain piece - nice work!