Monday, 1 February 2016

Gray and Gold

I'm loving grays with Brilliant gold at the moment.  A quick scan of painted kitchens on Pinterest will show just how popular this combination is at the moment.
I have painted a few gray/gold combos at the moment and just love them!
This is a solid heavy oak piece that is in great condition.  It was a bit short though, so Mr. Chuckles and I added the legs to bring it up to counter top height of 36".  I find in a larger room the added height make it feel more contemporary and the legs add an airiness.
I love the contrast the gold has with the gray.  The colour is called Raccoon Fur by Ben Moore.
I personally love being able to see heavy oak grain through the paint, it just adds one more element of interest.
And a cute pair of nightstands painted in the same colour combination.
No before pics.  Apologies!

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