Monday, 1 February 2016

Navy Blue and Bright Gold Dresser

Hi guys, its been awhile since I updated, so I thought I should get into gear and show a few of the pieces I have been working on lately!

Im still loving me some blue at this moment, and now with so many different paints and tints in my stock, I have a great time mixing up my own colours!  I was aiming for a grayish navy with this one and Im happy with how it turned out, especially with the hardware painted brilliant gold.

I have almost exclusively been using Zinsser BIN as my primer for the last year now.  It costs a pretty penny, and the fumes will get you high if you don't use a respirator, but it is hands down the best primer in terms of blocking stains and bleed through as well as giving amazing adhesion.  Plus it dries super quick allowing you to get a primer coat followed by a first coat of paint during a single episode of Downton Abbey.

I did my usual sanding, vacuuming, washing, wiping, drying.  Followed by a tinted coat of Zinsser and then two coats of the navy in Dulux Diamond Pearl.  I also did a topcoat of acrylic poly on the top for added durability.  Lots of work, but I don't like to skip steps as it usually results in a bad result that won't hold up.

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