Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Little Bit of Simplicity and a Side of Bacon

Free is my favourite.

I was given this pokey little guy for free.  I picked him up from a very scary house late one night.  When I approached the door I could smell flesh frying up. Mr. Chuckles assured me it was just bacon..Im still not so sure. The house was so dirty I just wanted out of there, but I had promised the guy I would take the dresser, so we loaded it up, and scurried outta there quick sticks. 

I realized that it was a plastic laminate over particle board only after I got him home and into the light.  Darn.  Not only that, but it was covered in crayon, nailpolish and highlighter. 

I was determined to try and make him over anyways, so I broke open the TSP and wiped it all down. I gave it a light sand with the palm sander and focused on making sure I got all of the wax crayon off without sanding through to the particle board, I just gave it a good scuffing.  

Finally, I whipped out the homemade grout chalk paint, giving it three coats of white, and two coats of black.  I was amazed at how well it turned out.  I used white on the body, black on the top, and gave it all a coat of clear minwax paste wax.

I didn't have dark wax, so I tried a little trick Id read.. I mixed a bit of black paint in with the clear wax and used that.  It actually worked pretty well, BUT I have since tried it on the top part of a different dresser and the results were less than average.  Tsk, tsk, fickle little homemade wax.

I repurposed some of the pulls, and also included some old pulls from another dresser.

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  1. Hi, I found you through missmustardseed's blog! That looks really great- especially as it's laminate! Totally worth the scary trip to get it. :)