Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ugly coffee table = pretty bench

As Miss Mustard Seed says - "Hunt Your House"

This is exactly what I did when I embraced furniture painting with gusto late last summer.  One of my first projects was to turn this old hand-me-down coffee table we inherited from Mr. Chuckles' grandmother into something just a little bit more pretty.

This was a very quick and simple project (don't you just LOVE those) which quite frankly I needed after the "Clock that nearly killed me" fiasco.  I used a homemade chalk paint recipe from leftover latex paint and unsanded tile grout.  I learned after this project that it is better to mix the grout with hot water to help it disolve better and prevent those pesky lumps.  I used two coats on most of it, but three on some of the places I wanted a little more brillance. 

The grout recipe does leave a gritty feel (imagine rubbing your hand over the soft side of a nail file - it feels like that), so it is best to give a quick sand with 220 grit sandpaper to smooth it all out. I HIGHLY recommend doing this whenever you use homemade chalk paint with grout (I havent tried the PP or the Calcium Carb yet)

I sealed it with mixwax paste wax (I now use Annie Sloan and find it much easier to spread).  I didn't have dark wax, so I used some black paint mixed with glaze and wiped on and wiped off to give a hint of age to it.

I was too lazy to put my sewing skills to the test on this one, so I found a perfect little pillow cover for $1 at thrift store and stuffed it with two pieces of foam.  The gods were shining on me that day, because it all fit together perfectly - hullo - that NEVER happens!

Have a look:

The Before
After one coat

 Wiping the Glaze off

I realized I haven't taken a finished product pic. I will upload that soon!

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