Thursday, 14 February 2013

The "I Cant Stop Until Ive Painted Everything In My House" Syndrome.

It's a very serious affliction, and I have a feeling that Im not the only lady who has fell victim to it.  It is a malady that is brought on rapidly with little warning. Im talking about the notion that every single piece of furniture in your house would be greatly improved if only you were to wave your magic paint brush over it. 

I blame Pinterest.

I was bit by that bug in mid 2012 after I became addicted to the site and spent a solid three weeks pouring over it.  I didn't eat, I didn't sleep, I neglected Mr. Chuckles. It was bad.  Finally I snapped out of it and picked up a paintbrush.  Like any good junkie I didn't give up until Id got my fix.  In my case, it was furniture.   After Mr. Chuckles had unsuccessfully tried to sell his inherited (and somewhat blaise) pine furniture from his parents, I convinced him to let me paint it instead.  It took all my ladycharm skills, but I finally swayed him.

Here is the armoir (she was the first victim).  I used my homemade chalk paint with grout recipe (found on Pinterest of course).  I only did one coat in some places because I wanted a 'whitewashed' kind of feel.  I used pure white and also mixed in a bit of minty blue for highlighting.  I sealed it with Minwax paste wax (available at HomeDepot in Canada).
I forgot to snap a good before, but here she is without her doors and drawers.

And of course the after

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