Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Tale of Two Sisters The Sequel: Tall Sylvia

Like any good mom, I like to dress my girls as twins.

Ok, so Im lying.  I don't have girls, or any children for that matter.  I do have a cat though, oh, and Mr. Chuckles can behave a lot like a child sometimes.  But no, Im talking about Long Sylvia's twin sister Tall Sylvia. 

I refinished her in much the same way as her sister (pure white chalk paint on the drawers and stain on the body), except this time I used GEL stain, instead of regular stain.  If you read about some of the problems I encountered with stain whilst doing tall Sylvia, then you would understand why.

Gel stain can be applied on top of existing finishes, that is its beauty.  You don't need to sand, or strip away the old finish, you can just lightly sand and then you pretty much apply the stain in the same fashion (wipe on, leave for several minutes, wipe off).  

The stain does not absorb into the wood like regular stain, instead it hovers on top and dries (yay, no tackiness 4 days later).  Plus, it still looks pretty good (not as good as regular stain in my opinion, but not bad).  I used a varathane brand gel stain in dark walnut.  This lady only took me about 5 hours, instead of the 12 her sister took!)

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  1. Thanks for the info on the gel stain. I actually just used coconut oil on a table tonight and I am in love with what it looks like!