Friday, 7 November 2014

Dry brush nightstands

I picked up this pair of nightstands for $4 each.  They were solid wood, pine I believe) and I liked their large chunky size (in addition to their petite price tag)
I thought I would try something different and use this as an opportunity to brush up on my dry brushing skills.
I focused on keeping the brush really dry and using both short strokes as well as longer ones to make the piece look more dynamic.  I see a lot of dry brushing techniques out there that feature short strokes, and to me this looks great on the small detailing, but it doesn't look nice on the tops of pieces, particularly larger ones.
One issue I did find was that the paint didn't want to stick all that well because it was going on so lightly.  I had to use a few good topcoats of polyacrylic to make it all a little more durable.
Overall, I thought they turned out nice, and I am bolstered with some confidence to try dry-brushing again.
The before!


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