Friday, 7 November 2014

Teal and Gold..oh so bold

Call off the search party.  You can stop over turning rocks, looking in ravines and casting your eyes out to sea looking for my remains bobbing along.  I am alive.  I assure you!  When not being held captive by episodes of Boardwalk Empire, I have even managed to do the odd transformation.

This piece features a new colour I have never used before.  It is a bright greenish shade of teal, and the pictures, as per usual, don't quite capture the actual colour, but she was stunning in real life, and I didn't even custom mix up this colour, it is straight off the self.  I believe it was called tantalizing teal by Sherwin Williams.

I have actually refinished this exact same dresser before in a two tone HERE (wood wrap and white drawers), but there was some damage on some of the drawer facings of this one that couldn't quite justify all of the work necessary to strip the piece, so I opted to try out the new tantalizing shade of teal.
I love mixing bold and bright colours with gold, so I highlighted the legs and the hardware with some gold.

I also applied a light coat of glaze on the piece, and rather than distressing the edges, I 'kissed' (the technical word) the edges with some gold rub-n-buff.


Right, Ill see you all in a couple more months!  ;)


  1. Glad to see you posting again. I really enjoy your straightforward style.

  2. How on earth did you get those gold stripes on so neatly? Mine would be all erratic and wobbly!
    Please share your secret. I promise not to tell….Tantalizing teal makes me want to find something to paint that color!!! Gorgeous. Well done.

  3. Lucky you to score two of those amazing dressers. Love this color you mixed! Really looks good. And yes, how did you paint the gold? Normally I tape above and below and then paint. Do you have something speedier you do?? lol

  4. Hi Ladies, You know, I actually free handed these stripes. There was a small bevel that made it easy to press my finger tip holding a piece of cloth with rub and buff on it and I just slid along. In the places where I made a mistake I just back wiped with varsol. Normally I would tape too, but because the wood was raised there it made it a lot easier.