Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blue and Gold Dresser with Sticky Drawers

I love this colour combo.  I confess, I do it a lot.  Eeek.  Its hard to always be creative when something is so popular and you love it too!  The colour is so sophisticated and warm, and as a bonus, it has good coverage.

I picked this piece up at a really good price because the drawers were sticky. 'no, problem' I thought, 'easy fix'.  Bah. How wrong a girl can be.  I spent hours Hours HOURS running the orbital over drawer edges sanding and plaining away to get things to fit and run smoothly.  I suspect its fair to say that I spent more time fixing the drawers than actually painting the piece. 

I actually almost forget the painting part, because I am still shuddering (literally and figuratively) from all the sanding.  I do remember that I was able to detach the legs and bottom trim and paint them separately,   I used the critter sprayer to paint the blue, and the gold was done with Krylon Spray paint.

I topped the piece with satin sheen polyurethane.

Hardware got a dose of rub-n-buff in antique gold.

And the before (minus the legs which were off prancing around somewhere).

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