Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Red Ming

Its early in the morning here.  I can't be sure if the clock adjustment of daylight savings is still playing tricks on me, or if I have finally made that final leap into early-onset geriatric-ness, but I can't seem to sleep in past 6:30, even on those days when I have no business getting up so early. So why not do a posting I thought?


I call this beast 'The Ming' because she just might be a communist.  Im not entirely sure yet, as she was a bit cagey when I probed her on it, but I suspect communist leanings here. I found some suspicious looking pamphlets under her drawers.

I had some red left over from the chair I did for my sorta-sister-in-law (Mr. Chuckles and I aren't married, although we sure do bicker like we are, in fact last night, amid blizzard like conditions I picked up two of the heaviest, chunkiest, most solid 9-drawer, and armoires of my life.  I kid not when I say that each drawer weighed 15 pounds alone, and each piece would tip the scales at 300 lbs.  Chuck arrived home at 10pm and I swiftly harnessed his lifting skills to aid me in removing the heffers from the truck...not 2 minutes later we were both standing on the flatbed with gusting snow billowing all over us, hurling criticisms about lifting ineptitude. 

But enough about the marital bliss, on to the transformation.  This piece really was a bit of a delight. Unlike the Sumo-twins above, this lady was constructed from pine and was pretty light and airy to shift around.  She was also tall (36"), I love tall dressers, more statement making. 

I turned my paint into 'chalkpaint' with PoP, and painted on a few coats, I went for something different here by allowing some of the knotty-pine to show through the paint.  It almost looks like I glazed the piece, quite a neat effect, and one that isn't really visible in the pictures, of course.


I left the hardware original, as I thought the oil-rubbed bronze complimented the red nicely and really tied in with the 'Ming' theme.


I hand waxed this piece and buffed.  It produced a really nice sheen, but as usual, Im not enamoured with the result of the wax on the top.  I find wax is wonderful on small areas, but tends to look splotchy on large tops.  I decided to persist with it on this piece anyway, as I was going for the 'rustic' handfinished vibe.  So it works.

The before. Blandissimo.

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