Thursday, 27 November 2014

Strangers in the night featuring a MINT ARMOIRE

Quite the experience it was getting this beast home. It involved a near frostbitten finger in the premature winter that hit southern Ontario.  Yes, it was minus 20 in November.  That's how we role in this country. 

I went to pick this armoire and the matching dresser up myself, with icy roads and a blizzard blowing all around me.  Saying they weigh a tonne is an understatement.  They actually weigh an Elephant.  Fortunately I had some sturdy young men who belonged to the owner to help physically place them on the truck bed, but all extra hands seemed to 'poof' into thin air when it came time to navigating the tie down straps.  Am I the only person in the world who holds a special place of hate in her heart for these things?  It's probably just that I am a moron, but I can never get them to work properly, especially alone in the dark when my fingers are chattering away and nipping at frostbite.

Fast forward several hours and I finally got them home. Then the waiting began for Mr. Chuckles to also arrive home and help me unload them, all the while the snow continued to rain down and blanket them. He arrived about 10:30 pm and was really enthusiastic to be stood on a snow covered truck in the blizzard doing most of the lifting himself.  'Rae. This is why I love you so much,' he cooed, 'Its because you always make me feel like a man.'  (just a bit of paraphrasing, I promise)

It was one of those nights where you vow to never again pick up a piece of furniture that weighs more than 60 pounds.

But alas, despite the shifting difficulties, the piece proved pretty easy to finish.  The hardest part was sanding, getting into all those little groovy bits was no picnic, but the priming and painting were done with my CRITTER sprayer which made the job super quick. Aim, point, and pull the trigger 'Kapow Kapow!'.

I mixed up some mint which was a matte finish, and then I used both a dark brown glaze, as well as Annie Sloan dark wax to get the antique 'time worn' look.  I also distressed all of the edges as well which took quite a lot of time.
I used my vintage Eaton's wall paper on the drawers inside, I am slowly starting to run out of this wonderful stuff, the roll is getting thinner which makes me sad.  Best $1.50 I ever spent.

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  1. What a great color and I love the pop of the paper on the drawers!

  2. The work was worth it. It looks great!

  3. I love it! The color you chose is beautiful and happy. I love this style of furniture; would love to find one myself. Great job!