Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Navy Dresser with Added Hardware

This piece was a great deal and was in very good condition for a solid heavy piece (probably 1970s).  It was bland though.  Mr. Chuckle's took a look and was a little nay-say-ee about her.  I tsk'd him and pointed out his lack of vision. I on the other hand had plenty.  I knew straight away that I was going to add these knobs, I wasn't positive about what colour to use...but when I remembered I had this navy tint in stock I thought, why not, I've never done navy before.

I decided to go for a time-worn, rustic look.  I gave a light sanding and then used chalkpaint (DIY) and I waxed everything.  I think I used about 3 coats of the paint, and then I distressed all of the edges to show the original blonde finish.  I waxed with clear wax only as I'm not sure dark wax would have achieved much of a difference.

I picked these knobs up at a local store, I thought the gold and white would tie in nicely with the navy.  Finding the centres of all the drawers was tricky.  I thought I had a system worked out, but when I mapped it all out and put the drawers back in and lined them up, well, it was uneven.  So I had to call Mr. Chuckle's in for some technical consulting.  He just loves helping.

I normally get frustrated with the splotchy appearance of wax on the tops of large pieces, but it 'works' on this piece because its all rustic looking any way.  On clean, non distressed pieces, I prefer to use a poly for a perfect finish.  Anal.

Here is the before.  It only had hardware on the top drawers.  Snooooooze-ville for sure.

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