Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Energetically 'aged' Dresser

This is the twin of the mint armoire (HERE) that I recently painted.  The pair of them were quite the handful and nearly resulted in an emergency room visit with amputation due to frostbite.  This piece itself is almost 80" wide.  It is a mammoth, in both weight and stature.

I custom mixed up this colour using remnants of other colours.  I actually mix up my own paint all the time.  I buy the paint in gallons un-tinted, and then I get the tint separately in quart sized cans.  It is more cost effective this way, and also I am not committed to a huge can of any particular colour. I actually popped into my local Dulux store last night to ask for some of my favorite cobalt/navy blue tint, I only asked for a quart's worth of tint, but he cheerily offered me a whole gallons worth of tint.  I think this offer may have had something to do with the packet of Twizzlers I waved under his nose.  No one can resist a licorice strap.

I can't remember the colours I used for this piece but there was a lot of green in it as is evident in the pictures.  I didn't want the piece to be so bright that it looked too 'childish', so I made sure to be liberal with the dark wax.  The piece was painted with chalk paint, and then I waxed it with Annie Sloan Clear and Dark wax.

I kept the hardware original on this piece, I just buffed it up a little bit to refresh it.

The most time consuming part was the distressing which I did by hand.  Getting into all of the details shown in the picture below took a fair bit of time.

I again used my vintage Eaton's wallpaper on the drawer facings.  This paper is so versatile, I have used it on so many pieces now.  It goes great with blues, greens and turquoise colours.

Here is the before during the sanding process.