Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Vintage Set with Great Hardware

The pictures really don't do this set justice.  It is such a quality set, it was manufactured by a company called 'Canadian Furniture Company' which I have never heard of, and I would estimate that it was made in the 1960s.  It is solid and very unique.

I picked up some Benjamin Moore Aura for this set.  I actually mixed up to shades of the Aura, one in a creamy white and the other in a more pure white to create this shade which is just a bit creamier than a pure white. 
I sanded everything back enough just to take off the original sheen and ensure that my primer would stick well.  I vaccumed up all of the dust, and then I washed everything down to make sure that there was no dust remaining.  I then let everything dry before spraying on my primer coat. I used my Critter sprayer to spray the primer and the first two coats of Aura. I am currently in the process of writing a review for the 'CRITTER' sprayer, but one thing I notice is that the sheen of the paint changes in the spraying process.  So this aura was a Satin finish, but it sprayed almost like a matte/eggshell.

To overcome this, I did the last coat by hand with a roller/brush combo so that the satin sheen was accurate and even.  This really allowed me to appreciate the levelling power of the aura.  It levelled out so nicely that you could barely see the brush strokes.

I love the hardware on this set, and in truth, if it didn't have this hardware, I don't think I would have purchased it.  It just gives such a wow factor, especially the hardware up the top.  It was pretty aged and mottled looking, so I buffed it all up by hand back to a soft gold sheen which took at least an hour.

I did a top coat protection of satin sheen polyacrylic just on the tops of all the pieces to help prevent scratching on the paint as they will get the most use.

Im really happy with the AURA, I had read some reviews (after I bought it) that suggested that it had a long 'tacky' period after being painted and that it didn't harden that well, but I have to say that I haven't noticed it on these pieces.  I think it turned out great and feels very durable.

The blurred before!


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