Monday, 15 December 2014

A 7-year old with attitude and a FREE Buffet

If you follow my blog, then you know free is my favorite.  But then again, who doesn't love a freebie!  Free is especially appreciated at this time of year when it sometimes seems that a tornado is tearing through my wallet.  I open it up to find cash billowing in circles before leaping free from it.  I just can't seem to keep it in check.  Or maybe I'm just a generous 'giver'.  ;)
No kids of my own, but six nieces and nephews are shared between Mr. Chuckle's and I. Actually, I was asking my one niece who is 7 and 1/2 years old what she wanted for Christmas last night.  She snapped at me that everyone kept asking her that and it was 'wasting all her time' trying to think of things.  She went on to lecture me even further about how it was impertinent of me to keep pestering her about what she wanted.  'huh?' I thought dumbfounded.
Now, admittedly this niece has always been a real 'bolshie', but is it just me or does that take some gall?  When I was a 7 year old, I didn't even get presents from Aunts and Uncles. I would have been over the moon to get anything, and nowadays kids are so spoilt for choice that apparently its too much work to even verbalise what they want. Bah!
I'm considering donating $30 on her behalf to the  Make A Wish Foundation.  Let the money be used for someone who will appreciate it, I say.
Does that make me a super mean Aunt?

But alas, lets get back to more pleasant topics, like furniture. As I mentioned, this beautiful buffet was a freebie that I picked up months ago with my sorta-sister-in-law.  She ended up deciding she didn't want it and passed it along to me (thank you!).  I have been having a love affair with this blue and gold combination and used it again on this piece (I currently have two pieces getting this same treatment in my workshop as we speak).

I was a little nervous at how the cane door facings were going to look, but they ended up looking great and even quite modern.  I removed the legs and spray painted them gold separately, and I painted the rest of the piece with the CRITTER sprayer.  Hardware was touched up in gold rub-n-buff.

I love the height.  I think it makes this piece look really great.

I used a DIY chalkpaint with my Dulux diamond, and I sprayed polyurethane over it in Satin finish for a final protective coat.  I love the nice smooth and even finish this gives instead of wax, especially on non-distressed pieces.

There is one drawer on the inside which I relined with some blue and gold fabric.

And the before again.

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