Monday, 13 May 2013

Kitchen Island IKEA Hack

When I asked Mr. Chuckles if he thought our IKEA kitchen butcher block was too small, he gave his head a little scratch and asked me if we might be able to give it a 'remodel'.   An afternoon later we had come up with this.  We used old metal drywall studs and some wood planks to basically extend the island to twice its regular size.

Our kitchen has a lot of stainless steel in it which is why we decided to incorporate the metal studs into the project.  Let's keep things shiney.

We still use the original chopping block topper, as the wood planks we used to form the top of the piece are varathaned, and not particularly good for chopping on.  We inherited these old stools from Mr. Chuckles grandma, and think they compliment the piece nicely and add a pop of colour.

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