Friday, 3 May 2013

Reclaimed Pallet Wood Headboard

 When we were re-doing our bedroom, Mr. Chuckles was so compromising on the style and the details, so I let him choose the bed.  He opted to use his handyman skills and taught me a few, and together we made this floor-to-ceiling palletboard headboard.

We sourced old skids from a variety of sources and piled em up in the driveway.  We then used a hacksaw to separate them into individual planks.  This by far was the most time consuming part of the project!

After we had enough 'lumber' we made a frame from 2x4s.  We made sure that the wood frame fit perfectly from floor to ceiling.  We then laid the frame flat on the bedroom floor (we built it in the bedroom, otherwise it wouldn't fit through the door!).

We had the dropsaw on hand as well and basically cut up the wood planks into pieces that would fit and then we nailed them onto the headboard frame.  After all the  pieces were in place, I whitewashed our paint colours onto the wood planks.  I used a wettish cloth, dipped it into the paint, and then just roughly wiped it across the surface of the plank.

We then raised the entire frame up off the ground, lined it up onto the wall and then screwed it into the joice to ensure it wouldn't go a tumbling!

We love this custom piece soooo much!  We also cut apart an old waterfall vanity and made (and painted) two nighttables.  Oh, and we made the little lightfixture too!

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