Saturday, 4 May 2013

Turquoise Again!

I fell in love with this Sklar-Peppler dresser as soon as I saw it.  It was in fantastic condition, but the brownish colour was pretty uninspiring.  

I decided to pull out my favourite shade of turquoise and make her over.  

She also features small highlights of various shades of blue and some yellow to accent with the hardware.  

The oak grain is still visible through the paint which is something I really love about oak.  It adds a depth and almost gives the furniture a stained-like quality.

I love the swirly detailing on her drawers and cupboards.  I gave her a mild distressing.

Here is a before shot, you can see how lovely she was in her original state too.  It was almost a shame to paint her.  
Almost.  :)

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