Sunday, 5 May 2013

Minty Teal Large Dresser with Peacock Paper

I love how this one turned out.  The pics are not amazing, but in real life she is a great colour and her clear wax has given a lovely soft sheen.  I custom mixed ASCP colours to come up with my various shades of green, mint and teal.  I also accented with some turquoise and blue.  I distressed pretty heavily and lots of the wood shows through.

I originally papered the middle section as well, but I didn't love how it turned out, so I overcame this by lightly painting over the paper and distressing so you can only see it in a subtle way.  A bit like a whitewash.

Thanks again to Dionne at THETURQUOISEIRIS for inspiring me to use the peacock paper. She is amazing!


  1. What a Fun Project I love all the details! I would love you to come link up at my Paint Party going on now
    Hope to see you soon,


  2. Thanks for the invite Brooke, I just linked up!

  3. THank you for linking up, this dress is so fun